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The Copyright of content of this website is owned by Hydraulic Engineering Repair Services (HERS), a division of Hudaco Trading (Pty) Ltd, and is protected by copyright law.

No copies may be made of any of the drawings, designs, photographs or specifications of the products featured on this site for any use except for use as a customer in dealing with our company.

No products may be manufactured by third parties using the drawings, designs, photographs or specifications contained in this website, the PDF files provided or any copies thereof.

Warranty Policy

Components supplied by HERS carry a comprehensive warranty under which undertakes to rectify faulty workmanship or manufacture, at no additional cost.


New and repaired cylinders are covered by a 12-month or 3000 hours warranty from date of delivery, whichever occurs first.


Repairs on drivetrain components or sub-components thereof, carry a 6 months or 1000 hours warranty from date of delivery, whichever occurs first.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  • Contamination is a large contributor to premature failures and HERS will not be held liable for any failures related to contaminated systems into which components supplied by HERS are installed.
  • HERS will not be responsible for any loose or bolt-on attachments which may accompany the components such as fittings, pipes, valve blocks, brackets, plugs, etc.
  • When an OEM spare part is not available or cannot be sourced by HERS, it will be the customer’s responsibility to supply the spare part to HERS free of charge and the customer’s quotation will be adjusted accordingly to reflect such.
  • All Cylinders will be repaired to the sample sent in by the customer or to a customer approved drawing. In lieu of a customer approved drawing, general engineering principles and specifications will be applied.
  • HERS Warranty includes all work carried out as per our quotation and received customer purchase order. Latent faults occurring due to hydraulic components or electrical interfaces that form part of the same circuitry, but were not part of our scope of supply are excluded from warranty.
  • Unless otherwise specified by the customer, the test pressures and testing parameters are carried out to OEM specification, or in the absence thereof, to standard hydraulic practice specifications.
  • The warranty on components covers workmanship and material only. No additional claims will be honoured for downtime, injury or consequential damages which may occur.
  • As an additional service to our customers, HERS offers to manage and control certain work which is not carried out by HERS, but a third party. In this instance, a buyout item will carry the original manufacturer or repairers’ warranty and HERS will be excluded from any dispute arising from a warranty claim except for managing the process.
  • Cylinders must be operated specifically with hydraulic 68 oil only. Drivetrain Product to be filled as per OEM specifications with correct grade of oil, complying to API-GL5 where relevant.
  • Externally cooled brakes must be filled with oil conforming to the OEM specification, which in many cases requires limited slip (LS) additives. Brake warranties are voided in absence of the correct oil usage.
  • Storage of drivetrain components to be done in a clean environment and units are to be stored in such a manner that all ports are sealed. Drivetrain components should be palleted or preferably caged and stored in their operating orientation, with breathers facing either upwards or parallel to the ground to prevent oil leakage.
  • Hydraulic cylinders are to be stored vertically (to protect against seal deformation) in a clean environment with all ports sealed.
  • All warranties shall become null and void if:
    o The component be tampered with during the warranty period, or
    o Any of the above conditions are not adhered to, or
    o Failure or breakages on the components are related to the abuse or misuse of the equipment, or
    o Failure or breakage on the component is related to other faulty components directly or indirectly interacting with said component.

Accuracy of Information

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on this website is correct. HERS disclaims responsibility for any action, proceedings, liabilities, claims, damages, costs, losses and expenses in relation to or arising out of incorrect use of this information.

HERS reserves the right to make changes to the information provided from time to time as it becomes necessary.

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